Do you have a secret you can't tell anyone?

April 13, 2007 9:20am CST
I'm sure everyone has secrets we can't share with anyone, ever. Not even our family or loved ones. Do you have secrets you can't tell? Does it hurt you not to tell?
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• India
14 Apr 07
I have no such secrets. I am sharing everything with my wife. Some things i am hiding from her will share with some other people.
• Taiwan
15 Apr 07
I think that's how it should be, and I think everyone has secrets that don't have to be shared with the partner.
@brokentia (10393)
• United States
14 Apr 07
I guess that depends on the secret. Do I have any? Sure I do. But not all hurt to not tell. It is more of a matter of protecting others from being hurt by not telling. But yes, sometimes it does hurt me to not tell. It is normally because I do not want my family to be upset with what has happened to me. But because I also do not want them to worry, I keep it to myself and suffer in silence.
• Taiwan
14 Apr 07
I recommend going on top of a mountain or go into the forest and shout it out. I've tried it before. To get things off my chest. I felt better afterwards. Who say we have to tell our secrets to people. Good luck.
@crizzy18 (37)
• Romania
13 Apr 07
Usually,people who have a secret which they choose not to tell anyone do that because it may be a deep secret,which could ruin their lives.Sometimes,it may be about something in their life that they are not very proud of,better say:even ashamed with.I personaly think that we should keep some of our secrets only to ourselves.I have some secrets,too.secrets that I do not think I will tell to anyone,ever.and it doesn't hurt not to tell them.It simply is far more better this way...It doesn't matter that I am only 18 years old..I may have done a few things that I am not so proud of,and I preffer to keep them for myself.Congratiolations for your discussion theme,it's a very interesting one!...
• Taiwan
14 Apr 07
Thank you for the compliment. I agree. I have secrets which will stay with me until I decide to tell or not. Not all secret should be told anyway. Thanks again.