do u hav the habit of writing diary???

@rsp9098 (755)
April 13, 2007 9:49am CST
is it a necessary habit???
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• United States
15 May 07
For me, it's a necessary habit because I'm a very forgetful person. I tend to write a considerable amount and I include a lot of details. That way, if someone questions me about something that did or did not happen in the past, I have an accurate account. I also like recording thoughts, feelings and other things that might help me work through stress, anxiety or depressive moods.
• India
11 May 07
well i think it depends on person to person if one likes writing then one should do so but i dont feel that this is such ahabbit which one must have
@lucy67 (819)
• China
15 Apr 07
i have written diary since i was at college. but i don't write a diary every day. i only write when i have something to say and in most cases, when i'm depressed or sad. writing a diary is just like talking to a friend who will never let out your secret. i wrote another diary for my son from his birth to the day when he was 10 years old and old enough to write a diary himself. the diary is the most precious gift i can give to my son.
• India
14 Apr 07
I wish i had.When i try to recall many pleasant and unpleasant things that happened years ago,someting or other just miss out.Reading the diary takes you to that date and you relive that momenent.You actually capture the moments in words.Do yo write ?
@ardano (145)
• Indonesia
14 Apr 07
Ofcourse yes,wrting in diary make our activities recorded all the time and it is important to remember all the activities.
• India
13 Apr 07
Whether diary writing is necesary or not depends on you. I dont write diary at all. My personals should never get exposed to others at any cost. Writing a diary is advantageous in the fact that you can remember what happened in the earlier days.
• Malaysia
13 Apr 07
i do not have the habit of writing diary.i think it is not necessary for me to write a diary.i did try writing diary twice but it didn't is because i always forgot to write it.besides that sometimes i do not have time and so lazy to memory is very good so i can just remember what happens even one year i think it is not necessary for me to write anymore so i stopped writing it.some people write it as a sweet memory for them to read later on.i did read an article the best way to write a says a diary should only be write when there is something special happen and not being written everyday.