Yugioh-Yugioh GX...

April 13, 2007 1:33pm CST
For you which do you like most? For me I like both but I didn't watch the whole episode of yugioh while in yugioh gx I have watch each episodes of this anime. How about you?
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• United States
20 Jul 08
I always thought Duelist Kingdom was the best. Probably since they made the randomest plays that didnt even follow the TCG rules. It was the arc with the most character development to me.
@lancingboy (1386)
• United States
21 Sep 07
So far, I like Yugioh the second series better. Second series as in the one with Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, ect. Yugioh GX is in fact the third series of Yugioh made. The first series was never shown in America and it featured at least one other main character that is not seen in the other two.
23 Jun 07
I like both to be honest, YGO is great as well as it's sequel, but I fidn the sequel a little more humerous than the first
• United States
17 Apr 07
I'm not crazy about either of the yugioh series, but I think the new series is just lame. Everytime I see an episode, he eventually defeats the "bad guy" and always pulls the right combos. My friend and I tried using a model deck and let me just day after even 10 duels, we only pulled off 2 combos by luck.
@Roeizig (84)
• Israel
13 Apr 07
definately normal yugioh.. the best thing in the yugioh anime is yugioh himself, he is smart and good and all but when he transforms with the milleniom pyramid he is the coolest (and the best) character in the whole series! while in yugioh GX he is not participating much (or at all?).. oh and i also like kaiba which isnt participating in GX..