The Apple iPhone?

@breepeace (3022)
April 13, 2007 4:40pm CST
I'm lucky enough not to be locked into a contract and to have my current phone through a GSM wireless provider so I'm really excited about getting this phone when it comes out later this year. My boyfriend is locked into a 3 year contract with a CDMA provider but he's thinking he'll just break his contract so he can get one, too. Who else plans to get one?
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@busta1 (1027)
• United States
21 May 08
i plan on getting one eventually...i have wanted one every since i saw them...they are really cool fones...
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@Xenosian (11)
• Malaysia
15 Apr 07
Luckily for us Malaysians, we can just buy any phones off the shelves and sign up with any provider. It would definitely kill a gadget geek like me if certain cell phones were only available with certain providers. That kinda sucks to me. I am certainly looking forward to getting the iPhone when it makes its way to Asia next year. I'm guessing it will be expensive with the USD499 and USD599 price tags, not to mention that those are the subsidized price tags. I can only imagine what the unsubsidized price tags are going to be. I hope that it will not be out of my budget's reach because I'm holding off buying a new phone just so I can get the iPhone.
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• United States
14 Apr 07
I am also lucky enough to be already on Cingular, and I am definately hoping to get the iPhone a bit after it comes out! w00t!