I got paid today!!!!!!!

@harxian (671)
April 13, 2007 7:18pm CST
hello everyone i just wanted to let everyone know that i got my first payment here in mylot today as i open my account in mylot i see my earnings dropped into zero but as i logged into my e-gold i see my balance there i was really happy and glad and proved that mylot really pays.thank you mylot.does anyone received there payment today?
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@honeyangel (1992)
14 Apr 07
yep i got paid aswell and even did the happy dance and so did others aswell
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@butterfly39 (3906)
• Philippines
9 Jun 07
congratulations!...don't worry we're trying our best too.
• Philippines
13 May 07
This post was made 4 weeks ago. Now e-gold has a problem being indicted by the US Department of Justice. I was short of few cents for the month of April and so mylot won't be transmitting anything for me. But now I reached the minimum of $10 and on or before the 15th of next month, mylot is supposed to pay me. We don't have PayPal for the Philippines and so if the problem with e-gold remains, I also don't know how to receive the payment. I hope e-gold could resolve its problem soon and if not yet, I hope that mylot could find another payment processor where we in the Philippines would be able to use. I'm saddened by the problem encountered by e-gold facing indictment by the US Department of Justice but of course they might have committed some offense to warrant the US Department of Justice to charge it. I hope that the problems could be resolved fairly and soon.
@milott (2646)
• India
16 Apr 07
Congrats. I have not reached the payout last month and hence will try to reach the payout this month and wish to post a similar post next month. But I have been paid twice before by mylot, and I had some hiatus for some days and have started got busy again with mylot and will try to get payment next month. Once again congrats.
• London, England
14 Apr 07
Congratulations on receiving your payment today. I joined recently so it will be a while before I get any payment.But, it is good to know that people do get paid.All the best. Warren
@moreinfo (3865)
• China
14 Apr 07
congrats! didnt reach the min payout last month. lol, its getting harder to earn now.
@Zelmarq (12482)
• Cebu City, Philippines
14 Apr 07
Wow congrats to you!!! I also got my first payment and im really happy about it. I have proven that mylot really pays and im glad its not one that are just scam and have eaten our time and effort.