What 's ur nickname ?? Do u like it?? Wat's the story behind it ??

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April 14, 2007 1:08am CST
Everyone has a nickname, ppl refer to him by. Sometimes they r a reflection of ur personality, sometimes just a shorter version of ur name, and sometimes just a random work that just stuck through somehow.. Wat's ur nick name?? Do u like it wen ppl call u by that name or u hate it and want to tell ppl to stop calling it by dat name.. My best frnd calls me "joker". She says i keep making her laugh all the time and always keep smiling for no reason. And dat 's how the name came up to be and i simply luv my nick. Dat's quite visible though as my profile name..
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• Australia
14 Apr 07
I dont mind my nickname actually :p My best mate calls me superman, which is at least a nice nickname :) She told me she calls me that because im big and strong and because im always there to save her when she falls. The creepy thing about having that nickname, is thats what my dad nickname used to be when he was at school. Funny that.
• India
14 Apr 07
dat's funny indeed and an amazing coincidence :)