Do You Think The U.S. Government Will Ever Fall?

@pinokkio (352)
April 14, 2007 4:17am CST
They survived WWII and the Soviets and emerged as the single most powerful country in the world. But things change. There are countries that are building themselves economically and socially from the bottom up. Like Japan for example. They were a country in ruins after the bomb but now they've established themselves as a huge economic force. Do you think Japan or any other country will replace the U.S. one day as the most powerful country in the world?
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@gbolly54 (661)
• Nigeria
14 Apr 07
Definitely, YES. I don't know exactly which country it will be, but The US cannot rule the world for ever. The US also took over from another superpower then. Nothing lasts for ever. It is because of this realization that the US is always trying to muffle development efforts and potentialities in other countries, including Iran. No river can be prevented from flowing downstream.
@pinokkio (352)
• Bahrain
14 Apr 07
"No river can be prevented from flowing downstream".. I like that! :) But the U.S. realizes that it may fall at any second, this is why they are always taking precautions. I don't thinkt the powers that fell before them ever knew or felt that they would ever collapse, so the U.S. has an advantage there.