My new roomate's mother is really a nuisance !

April 14, 2007 4:48am CST
A new roomate moved in the other day and his mother ,too, out and in my dorm at times,accompanied him to make sure everything is OK for his loved son........ The other two roomates and I could hardly stand it . The new semester began and It's time for the new students to register . A sopomore was arranged to my dorm. At the moment he and his mother came in my room , I got puzzled . It was not according to the school's rules!!! As a new student, he should live in the normal dorm with his new classmates from all provinces. In my shcool , there are two kinds of dorms, namely, the normal room shared by six students and department shared by four students. Scarce as the departments are , thus, usually, the juniors and seniors live in the student's department. How he manage to move to our room to live with three seniors? Subsequently I got to know he was introduced by some big name in my school....... After they stepped in , my room was in charge of her (the new comer's mom).She started to pointed out our problems. The faults she listed were as follows : The room was in a mess. the window was not clear enough . His son's back is not well so we should give the first floor/below bed to him. And they would like to choose the cupboard I used and I should take my things inside out. and.......... My God! Who are they to order us. I could not bear it. At the point of my roomates were going to call the matron of our department , the old matron came in and said to me, tided up your things and helped your new roomate . What' more, she assigned several tasks to us three. Before she left , she emphasized again; "you new roomate was introduced by the president of our English college. " Seeing she would not leave, my former roomates and I went out . To our dismay, she didn't leave my room at 10p.m when we came back. Unaturally, I had no place to change my pyjamas when she was at present so late at night. She seemed to be so robust that she was not tired at all. Then she began to show off her richness and power.(Disgusting !) "you three are seniors ,right? if you can't find a job after you gradulate new year, just come to my home, my house is nearby here." At about 11.p.m , she was prone to leave . We took a deep breath. Again and again, She asked us to take good care of his little son and she would be back. Tomorrow she would buy some little articles to endore this room and the curtain should be discarded. you see , It's too dirty......... . Sleeping on bed in the next morning, I heard someone who was unlocking the door. "Who is it, so early ? "I wondered. To my great disappointment, It's she , exactly she. She definitely came back.... My God! Embarrassedly, I did't know what to do , got up and dressed my clothes or kept on bed. I was in a delimma.So emabrrassing. I just failed to count how many inconviniences she rendered to us the two days . God blesses me ! Hope she will not come back to see her precious frequently...
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