on plagiarism

April 14, 2007 7:23am CST
Plagiarism among the young students has turned into an "instinctive act" rather than a serious crime and so I particulary chose to have this movie for my writing class. With its clear and rather straighforward discussion, specifically in the scene when Sean went to Jamal's school to expound on this particular point, I believe that I have given my students the necessary reminders when writing.
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• Canada
16 Apr 07
i was in grade 8 before i knew what plagiarizm was, i was in a rush to finish a report. i had copied the text directly from the book word for word. not that i didn't understand the text, i was just in a last minute rush to get it done. needless to say i failed on this report. luckily it was midterm and i was able to regain the trust i had so easily taken for granted. since then i have always written from the heart. you definitely make a good point
• Philippines
19 Apr 07
Its a good thing you realized that plagiarism is something serious. It must never be tolerated, not even in the smallest situation or most superficial transaction. What has been made originally should be kept original or if needed should be borrowed but acknowledged. We have to help people who do not know the gravity of this crime. Thanks for your enlightening anecdote.