facing challenges, finding meanings

@mlgb_24 (638)
April 14, 2007 7:44am CST
"it's in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." whether it's choosing to climb a mountain or to climb in to a bed for dialysis, or to climb over the ruins of some part of our lives, once we accept a challenge, we step into the world of the unknown and it forever changes us. moreover, i would guess that, once on the other side of the most serious challenges that we've accepted, most of us have felt strengthened by the experience. when faced with accepting or rejecting serious ventures that challenge the whole of our personalities, caution has its place but we cannot refuse our support. if we oppose it, we are trying to suppress what is best in man - his daring and his aspirations. and should we succeed, we should only have stood in the way of that invaluable experience which might have given meaning to life. in meeting a challenge, we become witnesses to our ability to go where we haven't gone before, do what we've never done before, and arrive at a new place in our lives. indeed, once witnessed, the courage, fortitude, self-trust, and even the humility that helped carry us through can never be unwitnessed.
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@r0131n (357)
22 Apr 07
For me destiny is everything we decide on whether small or large decisions. Some decisions have already been made for us for instance if we don't really have any choice. But its still our choice whether to proceed or not. Its only harder to accept the outcome if we don't take the obvious choice.
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