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April 14, 2007 8:00am CST
Hello my dear friends Something I am getting very excited about at the moment is a company that I joined a couple of months back, to my amazment this is a totally genuine group that I have come accross. At the moment they are in the prelaunch stage, and are expected to launch at the beginning of June, At the moment they are offering free paid places with the option of a one off payment of $20 for a VIP pass, only available in the pre-launch stages, but gives the VIP reductions on a lot of things, also we get info before any of the others do. When launched they will be offering the sale of goods to the members of the public that bit cheaper than the highstreet shops. All sounds great. With all this info I recieved I decided it was time to get my optional VIP pass, this lasts for the rest of your life. So it is only something you need to purchase the once if you are going to get it. They also offer regular training via a conference room which is available to all members, I love this training as it is very informal, and nobody feels under any preasures what so ever. Anyone wanting to take a look or come and join here is the weblink for this wonderful club I am sure they will give you a great warm welcome to join too like they did with me Lynn-Marie
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14 Apr 07
I can honestly say Lynn, you have given a very honest discription and write up of E4L, I too am a proud member of this site and love every thing there is about it. The people run it with utmost sufficiency and are very approachable. E4L has given me back some excitment in my life. Thankyou for starting this thread. Pauline
14 Apr 07
i saw in e4l foum what mods/admin soon deleted the post that people have paid for vip passes leads ect and dont get them $20 is a lot for a vip pass when you dont get also i have friends thats in mlm and they have told me to keep clear of e4l and its micky mouse site
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• United States
14 Apr 07
You are absolutely right, thank you Pauline and Lynn. Let me just speak to the facts as I see them, that way others viewing this thread can see every aspect. E4L is a FREE opportunity, you can even get an upgrade for FREE! You are NEVER, let me repeat that, NEVER required to pay money to be a part of this unique program. They have paid out over $30,000 in commissions during pre-launch and are continuing to pay commissions. The admin. has always paid me on time, every time. I can also safely say, I've made more money with E4L than any other online business. In case you missed that folks, you can join for FREE, get upgraded fo FREE and still earn commissions! How many otherr sites do that? Not many. Another fact is that E4L has over 44,000 members now! That number will continue to grow, despite naysayers. Let's put it another way: "IF" E4L were to close up shop tomorrow, what would we have lost, other than a little of our time, and perhaps the greatest opportunity on the net today! Now, I don't see that happening, I'm in for the long haul. My opinion is you and everyone else that you know, should be in it as well. Let me close with this...Some people have a very hard time finding anything good to say about themselves, so they have to resort to putting down others to make themselves feel better. It's a sad truth, but it is a reality. I can't go through life being negative, life is too short for that. Tomorrow will again be a beautiful day! God Bless
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15 Apr 07
the reason i changed my opion on e4l alot was what was said the other day in the e4l chatroom a guy called michael said hes researched e4l and it wasnt above board (lorna heath was in room at time) but doubt she will admit it what was said. people then asked me what i thought of e4l so i gave them my opion that my views had changed since i heard what michel had said lorna then said i was causing trouble and blocked me from room. so how can anyone get in e4l chatroom when its blocked for them ? i got a email that lynn posted this thread so i put my opion and bits i found on net and got told of my friends on the end of the day if e4l is above board i will lynn brad and lorna
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@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
6 May 07
Well, I just signed up and will give it the benefit of the doubt. I am waiting for my confirmation email and then will see whatit is all about. Thanks for posting this, it did say it wasall free and I haven't been asked for any money as of yet.
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6 May 07
Good Luck my friend! I have sent you a welcome email too! They are a lovely group. It joined a couple of months back and have not been asked for a penny! OK I took the VIP pass! That was optional, thought it was a one off and went for it lol It is a really good club to be in. If you need to talk please feel free to contact me OK Lynn-Marie
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19 May 07
its a scam i paid $85 for 15 gsu 2 month ago and they wont refund me so please dont join it
@kkittu (426)
• India
17 Jun 07
i have joined, but i will login in free time, its a good webvsite which pays for entertaimimg thanks for providimg this link..
1 Aug 07
well august the 1st launch date is here and nothing to buy still so it looks like brad has taken peoples money and done a runner
• United States
22 Jan 08
There have been several red flags over the past few months that should have alerted members that this program is a scam. No products, no compensation plan, no communication from admin,updates that were received were just a bunch of excuses and Brad wanting more money from members for e-books. Members posts were deleted from the forum and now the general discussion part is locked.Brad may have had a "dream", but for the members it is a nightmare.
@msbiggs24 (285)
• United States
30 Apr 07
I will try them out.