I think its not the way you call it!!!!!

every woman wants to meet her Mr. Right???? - in this world, every woman wants to meet her Mr. Right. some woman get their man easily, while some work hard, face failures, get bad names from society... but basically every woman is good inside, who dreams about having a peaceful life, happy future... dont you people think so????
April 14, 2007 10:15am CST
hi friends!!!! lately i've been thinking on this... A girl who keeps changing her boyfriend is called a bit(H, $lut, and what not in the world... but i came thru a different situation where the girl wanted to meet her life partner, fall in love with him, understand him better before marriage and then marry him to start the life. she stayed in love with a guy whom she thought she'll marry. but unfortunately due to family problem, the guy couldnt keep up his word and he couldnt leave the girl too. she thought the relationship wont work and immediately fell for another guy... after some months, she thought the guy is immatured to handle a relationship... so she broke with him... then she met another two guys in her life, one cant take her hand because of caste, one ditched her in the name of love.... now because she kept changing her boyfriend, some people think she is not a nice woman... but deep inside, she wanted a very nice life, very nice partner, very happy future... and after so much hits and turns in her life... she has met her right guy... he hs accepted her for what she is, and he's treating her like his princess... though she is happy, she sometimes loses confidence when she thinks that society thinks bad about her.... now you tell me, will you call a girl like her a bit(h, or will you think she just worked hard to meet her Mr. Right? if you ask me, i will say.... "god wants us to meet some wrong people before meeting the right one, so that we'll know how to be grateful!!!" .... thats what happend to her! what do you say about this????
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