Do you like Bowling.?. whats your average.?.

United States
October 19, 2006 7:43pm CST
whats the highest score youve ever gotten.?. my average is about high is 197...i cant seem to break 200... how about you myLoters.?.
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• United States
5 Dec 06
I go for fun. But not too many of my friends bowl often, so I'm lucky if I get to go once a month. There's this thing called cosmic bowling, I really have fun bowling when it's cosmic bowl. It's all about fun and dancing. I think my highest was close to 190, but I can't remember. I was really lucky that day.
• United States
5 Dec 06
This ones a strike, on me.
• United States
12 Nov 06
Been bowling since I was 3. My average is 217 and I've had 3 300 games. I'd say mostly luck than skill. Keep going, you'll break 200 in no time!
• United States
15 Nov 06
wow...great average and awesome on the 3 perfect games... sometime a little luck and sometimes a little skill is needed to bowl a great game...the last few times i bowled, i didn't really concentrate, because the people i was with just messed around... thanks for your response...
• Canada
13 Nov 06
My highest is 217 but my average is probably about 160