Ask A Ninja Gets Book deal; Show some Ninja Support

@ArsonCuff (3121)
United States
April 14, 2007 12:07pm CST
The following is a news article I wrote and I was told that Ninjas nor the website mentioned are popular enough to deserve publication. Which makes me wonder if Ask A Ninja is getting so many web hits and a book deal...where are the fans? If it is answers you seek in life then look no further than, unless of course you prefer pirates or the magic 8 ball. Then again the ninjas now have a book. Video sites such as have launched many video bloggers into internet fame with their creative episodes, usually comedy bits. Douglas Sarine and Kent Nichols created an on-going skit in which a ninja answers questions asked of them by internet users. The novelty of their replies and overall tutorials on the powerful ninja skills made them a shocking success. Sarine and Nichols have a full-blown website dedicated to their “ask a ninja” concept and the popularity does not seem to be waning. They were recipients of the youtube video award for best series, were recognized on a VH1 television special, and even have enough clout to get celebrity interviews with the likes of Will Ferrell. Now they have a book deal and UTA (United Talent Agency) is representing the duo for a possible television series of their own. After a bidding war amongst dozens of publishing companies the Random House division: Crown Publishing won with a six figure sum. Currently the proposed title for the book is “The Ninja Handbook”. The book is to be filled with humorous advice on how to become a better ninja, however it is going to be aiming for a slightly different slant than the internet shows. Representation for the book and duo are surely hoping for the material to stay fresh for the Ninja celebrity star to keep rising and earning more money. An announcement on the duo’s site states that they have been working on the project for the past couple of months and ‘Variety” reportsit is due out sometime next year. While fans wait for the book and possible future television series, they can still visit the website and have loads to view. The site chronicles the Ask a Ninja pod casts and hosts a popular community forums with discussion to chat about; fan films and art is also shared. Adding more into the arena f merchandising the website also features a store where one can buy: t-shirts, hats, ringtones, and a DVD collection of their internet episodes. Gift certificates are also available. Most internet celebrities end their fifteen minutes of fame sooner than later, but can anything really bring down a Ninja? Possibly the Ask a Ninja duo will help open the way for other internet stars to achieve more notoriety and reach mainstream dreams of fame. If you’re interested in knowing more about the Ninja and listening to him sharing the wisdom, visit the site and find a biography along with the answers you seek. Be strong.
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