the borderline for helping someone.

April 14, 2007 12:16pm CST
Tell me where does the borderline end?Let me tell you.My mothers friend is in financial problems even though she has two jobs and also her husband has a job.She's had a bad childhood and never talked about it untill now she's in therapy for it.Her home situation is also not good but the fact is because she keeps on doing things.Like in too much things.She never stops and she never listens.Now a couple of days ago she asked my to help her with her business.I told her she need to manage her beauty salon better.So i said ofcourse i want to help you.Then a day later she asked my to loan some money like €20.000 so she would be out of financial problems.She would pay me every month.So i checked something and i really had a bad feeling about it,but she kept saying it's good it's save.She just didn't listen to me.She said i tried everything(not true).So finally my dad explained it was dangerous and stuff.I could cry because she kept on going and i said you have to stay positive and you can earn money in a lot of ways and i can help her with that.I mean if it was save i could've helped my parents too with their financial problems. Anyways please let me know what do you think.I said no in this situation because i know how dangerous it can be to borrow money especially from a bank and so. Where is the borderline for helping someone?
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