Who has MyLot "strategies" that are helping to earn money FAST?

April 14, 2007 6:45pm CST
I've been a member at MyLot for a little while. Admittedly, my logins are 'hit and miss.' Maybe I have browsed the 'garbage threads' too much during some of my visits. You know - The ones where people are complaining that you can't earn money on MyLot unless you work your fingers off? Luckily, I logged in today and saw 2 POSITIVE posts right in front of me as soon as my page loaded. These 2 'discussions' were from people who were recently paid by MyLot... So - maybe I have been wrong in discounting the value of posting regularly here. That's why I'm asking - if there are experienced MyLot members WHO HAVE BEEN PAID, please let us know how you managed your posts, your time, etc., to make MyLot worth a payment to you! Which comments are TRUE - the ones where people write 'you can't earn at MyLot' or the ones that say "you can earn at MyLot' ??
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@BrainTeaser (1430)
• Pakistan
15 Apr 07
Well i am a mylot member since last three weeks and i have found it really helping not just in paying but also with lot of knowledge and information in here whether its about life,movies,music,internet or even online money i have learned so much from here and as far as my earning are concerned i have earned about $15.00 in my last three weeks, so not that bad after all, what do you think?
• Canada
18 Jun 07
Thx for the comment
• Philippines
12 Jul 07
Okay I will give you some tips but remember, these tips are just some of the many ways. First is youve got to enjoy the site. You wont be here long enough if you yourself do not enjoy your stay: 1. When you make a post, do not make it short. Make it at least a minimum of 5 lines. You wont get points from one liners. 2. Create discussions that your fellow mylotters would enjoy answering. Such should be clear and direct to the point so that they wont have to wonder, "hey, what was he trying to tell us?" As you could notice, simple questions are the ones that draw many responses. But this doesnt mean that they should be with out quality. Frequent the Hot Topics and try to see what kind of questions they are that makes them hot. There is an advantage whenever your discussions reach the hot topics. Many could see them and would have the interest to answer them. My secret about being viewed is that I try my best to create interesting discussions everyday. When you catch people's interest, they will be interested about who you are too and if your other discussions were also interesting like what they are seeing. 3. Be choosy also when posting your own topics. Always abide by the rules. There are times where in mylot delete discussions that violate their rules. There are do's and dont's and you could find them on the guidelines. Avoid posting discussions that would give idea or would lure other members to give idea about how our earnings were computed. Whenever mylot deletes discussions, our points go with it. Avoid answering the same posts too. 4. Avoid creating discussions or answering discussions that question about the credibility of mylot or about the other members. These stuffs get deleted too. And as I say, the points that you made there will go with every deletion.
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• Canada
13 Jul 07
Those are a lot of tips, hersmart4ever! I'll keep an eye on the 'Hot Topics' more closely from now on.
@collstarx (1177)
• Indonesia
11 Jul 07
I think you must send pic to mylot and many respon another friends in mylot. Good luck to you. best regards
• Canada
13 Jul 07
Thx, collstarx, for the comment. I uploaded pics to the wrong area, I think...will try again soon to replace that silly 'white waving man' and get my photo to the right place.