what is the star marked on side by user name

April 14, 2007 9:21pm CST
why i dont have star on my user name......? did i missed any thing.......? what i have to do to get star and a number in star....? a
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@sadiaa (46)
• India
26 May 07
its called reputation/rating of the user. star ratring will starts when we reach 100 points, and you are near to 100 points......
• United States
15 Apr 07
Hi! Welcome to myLot! The star that you see next to the name is the reputation here at myLot. You will see your star when you have reached 100 posts. The higher the star rating is, the more members are giving you positive or plus (+) ratings. I suggest that you invite many friends so that they will answer your discussions and rate you (+). The star doesn't have anything to do with earnings, so don't think that those with high numbers are getting higher, unless they have absolutely posted quality discussions according to myLot guidelines. Happy myLotting!
@oldiebut (859)
• Canada
15 Apr 07
You will get your star after your 100th post. It is based on other poster's reactions to your posts. I am unsure whether I want a high one or not. It seems to be really a simple popularity contest as opposed to actually rating the quality of the writing or the quality of the idea. Some people seem to put a lot of stock in it, but I don't think I'm going to care much about mine.