How do you better control your volleyball pass?

United States
April 14, 2007 9:47pm CST
Wheneer I try to pass the ball from underhand, it goes to the side or behing me and it come out to be clumsy - and the feeling of arms togethes feels awkward, what do I do?
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• Norway
15 May 07
get your body behind the ball and relax your shoulder and try to get a big flat space where you hit the ball. Its also important that you moves your feet instead of fishing after the ball because its much easier tio move your feets.
• Brazil
22 Jun 07
That's another good tip too!!
@acosjo (1903)
• Canada
29 Apr 07
Stay relaxed. Keep your eye on the ball before, during and after you make contact. There are only two things moving 1. Yourself and 2. The ball. The net and the court are not going anywhere. You must keep that "connection" between you and the ball at all times. Make sure you bend your legs and square your shoulders to your target. Make sure you are not moving backwards when passing the volleyball. Try to keep your movement forward. Never jump when you pass. Keep both feet on the floor when you pass. I trust this helps.
• Brazil
22 Jun 07
Good tip!!!
@thiagoh87 (177)
• Brazil
22 Jun 07
You have to train a lot!