Do you love your job?

@Kalikala (433)
United States
April 14, 2007 9:52pm CST
Do you love going to work every day, or do you just tolerate your job to get the bills paid? If you are doing something that you love, at what age did you find that job? Have you always know what you would like to do for a living, or are you still searching?
6 responses
@lornalhai (148)
• China
19 Apr 07
I do not love going to work every day, i just to get the salary. I want to do sometthing that i love it when i have a choice.
@cf1016 (227)
• China
19 Apr 07
I loved my job when i jioned the job one years ago,but now i feel a little tired.I need more money ,but what i get from my work is not enough for me!it is a pity!
@daistar8 (68)
• Philippines
19 Apr 07
Yes I love my job.. but I feel that im not growing here since Im very much dependent with my boss. And I want to explore something new.. I want to venture something unique.
• Indonesia
19 Apr 07
i do not love to go to work everyday because it's in the morning, but i love my job, when i have arrived there, i enjoy doing the task giving to me even sometimes it makes me had headache but overall i still enjoy my work
@samrat16 (2442)
• India
16 Apr 07
No. My job is the exact opposite of everything I'd hoped my life would be. I'm furious at my parents for not giving me all opportunities. Right now, my only hope is that the Hindus mythology is right, and in my next life, when I'm reincarnated, I will know what it's like to experience success, pride, a good career, a savings account, and, what's that word again? Oh, yeah, "Pride". What's pride feel like? Other than the opposite of what I feel every day when I drag my *** out of bed and head into this sh*thole.
• Malaysia
15 Apr 07
I believe YES. Actually it surprised me. I mean, at first i chose this course at Uni because the bright future it hold. Not about something that i love. But then when i landed this job... it surprised me. I feel attached to this job and enjoy the job.I landed this job as soon as i finished my degree. And many more to come.... this job give me satisfaction that i can help people from any walks of life... And i still have some aother dreams to follow. Other than this, i also want to be a writer... and make a living from writing. Wish me luck!!!