Tito Ortiz is THE biggest wuss ever!

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April 14, 2007 10:10pm CST
I was watching the "BAD BLOOD" special on Spike T.V. that was supposed to go down between Tito Ortiz and his former manager/trainer Dana White...Dude! Tito...you're a freakin' whimp! Yeah so, Tito totally wussed out and didn't even have the guts to show up to the weigh in! WHIMP! Tito sucks anyways! I already knew this! That's why Chuck knocked Tito on his "you know what"!! LOL Tito...YOU SUCK! Dana...you're more of a man than Tito will EVER be!! And worst of all it wasn't even a real UFC fight, it was just a 3 round-3 minute boxing match!
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8 Aug 07
I beleive you so much i bow to you..!! tito is a pieceof a punk useless on the planet. That big head is a whimp! he only beat old man. And the fight between him and silva? it was nothin because he is just a running piece of kid when silva tried to fight him with strikes and take him down to one of the most boring way to ground and pound. I hope he face Vera or silva. Sorry for those harsh words.. didn't like tito all the way. whimp!! That is for you to earn for a living beating old man. And if anyone says say that to his face sorry if i had the chance i would. And it would be a knife combat. didn't like tito really. sorry again.
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15 Sep 07
LOL Thanks, those who think Tito's so good at what he does just follow what the others say! Tito's just a fad...not a real fighter! Thanks again for the comment.
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8 May 07
If the deal was to fight, then he should have went. I thought it was part of the contract? Anyway, I think that Tito is afraid of Chuck- it was like he wouldn't even go after him. I'm wondering if Tito's days are numbered now. Or maybe the reason he didn't show up for Dana White WAS for the publicity it would cause. ???
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@jerm17 (34)
• Canada
6 May 07
i dont think so... tito is one of the best and yet he is one of the most overated fighters in the in the ufc.. he has talent. he didn't show up because why would he waste his time on dana white??? like cmon!!! would you fight your former manger/trainer??? not me becuase im loyal which makes tito loyal. so if i were you... don't judge ppl too much because if you call tito a wuss... go to his face and say it, we'll see who the bigger wuss is
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30 Jun 07
LOL Typical way for a child's way of thinking! Tito Ortiz signed a contract stating he'd show up for the fight and didn't...he's a wuss...doesn't matter what a little boy like you says...he's a jackass...and he didn't not show up out of loyalty because if it was because he was trying to be loyal to his previous manager/trainer he would have at least called to let Dana know he wasn't gonna be makin it! It's called respect...which goes along with loyalty little boy!
@jmcafam (2890)
• United States
5 Dec 07
I lost any respect I had for that guy after watching that show. I did not think he would just not show like that.