Were there times you swear not to travel by plane again?

United States
April 15, 2007 1:25am CST
I just arrived here in Florida earlier with my toddler for our vacation with the inlaws. With the weather that we are having, turbulence was expected. I had a stop over in Atlanta so from Houston to Atlanta, the pilot informed us that the bad condition was behind us so we will try to be ahead so we can't experience that much turbulence. What a bumpy right that was!!! I told myself right there and then between prayers that I will take the bus back to Texas. Then I had to face the flight from Atlanta to Tampa...which was raining so hard already. Good thing we were in one of those huge planes for international flights...there was turbulence but it was bearable. Did you ever experience a plane ride or anything (delays, etc) related to flying that makes you swear that if you got a choice, you will rather drive or take the bus? I would prefer driving anytime.
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