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April 15, 2007 4:34am CST
Well, with all the news about Reese and Jake, and how great they are getting along (I don't know if that is just gossip so they get some publicity for the new movie that is coming out, Rendition) and that Ryan is now regretting letting Reese go (I think if those Abby Cornish rumors were true he should have thought about NOT going in that direction and pushing Reese out of his life and into Jake's arms)...I wanted to see them together again so I watched Cruel Intentions..the only movie they made together. They did make a great couple. It was too bad they couldn't work things out....
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22 Apr 07
Cruel Intentions - A scene from the flick Cruel Intentions
I was really shocked at their separation. They seemed to be really grounded and strong together. Plus they had a great working/ staying home with their family situation - and that made me think they'd last. It's very sad because I know she loves him. But if he cheated I can't blame her for leaving. I don't really see her and Jake together. It just seems like an odd fit. I wish her nothing but happiness though:) Cruel Intentions is one of my favorite movies! I love it. Have you seen the interview where they were talking about their fight scene in the movie? He said it literately made him sick doing that scene and they both had problems getting through it.