Should the AWP be less powerful?

April 15, 2007 5:32am CST
Everyone hates awpers who just spawn-kill and camp. Should Valve change the awp so it is less unbalanced? is dynapricing working to get rid of awp users - not many servers seem to be using it, what do you think? what sort of measures could steam put in? im thinking scope waver (like in the original deus ex, call of duty, etc) not having it as a one-hit-kill, or just upping the price. any ideas?
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@Sagar_ (80)
• Pakistan
16 Apr 07
No I Dont Agree With You Because Awpers Are Really Important For A Team Because Their Team Mates Which Are Assaulters Go Ahead And He Manages With Going Slowly At The Back Of Him And When His Team mate Will Be Dying The Sniper Will Snipe Him With Only 1 Bullet And This is The Importance Of The Snipers And In This Way His Team Will Win!!!
• Australia
16 Apr 07
then why not use the scout or the auto instead of the one-hit awp?
@pazuvn (99)
• Vietnam
23 May 08
One Shot One Kill. That's is AWP. if decrease Damage of AWP, it's nothing
@Nika_Gab (30)
• Georgia
19 May 07
No it must not be :) AWp is the best ...
• India
16 Apr 07
No man i also dont agree with you .Though i am not good at sniping but i still feel that awpers are really very important part of the any teams strategy .They can actually single handedly can cover some part of the map it may be a long side as in dust 2 or banana side for inferno etc. And mind it sniping is not an easy job man .It requires a large of skill ,patience and one must be very fast in switching the weapons .And above all it is costly .this is price u pay for getting 1 shot kill and if you are unsucessfull you loose a lot of money . i would also like to add this that magnum are not actually much used in actual clan matches until and until you are really very good and have enough balance .people prefer ak or maverick along with grenades and i dont need to explain why .In actual clan matches there is lot of syncho between players and lot of use of flash and smokes so u need a lot of skill