Ferrari domination at Bahrain F1

April 15, 2007 9:31am CST
Isk!Isk!Isk!...I just finish watching the Bahrain F1 race...Alonso could only finish 5th behind Nick Heidfeld..This time, the race is not really interesting..Not really a competitive race between Ferrari and Mclaren even though Hamilton manage to finish second for McLaren..I'm expecting more dramatic race between Kimi and Alonso..Unfortunately, Alonso seems want to maintain his car at a good position for the next race, I guess..But there is one thing for sure - the rookie, Luis Hamilton looks quite consistent in his driving..really a good performance..Do you think Hamilton will be more dominant in this season?
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@ralf_jay (213)
• Sweden
16 Apr 07
ferrai are just a peace and calm driving.they doesnt really look for risks but they look for srategy which is the main factor not only for a race but for the whole championship.mclarens are just cruising their wayt but my concenr is that they wont be having a good season after few races and we had sen mclaren is not a reliable as ferrais i cooment that we have to wait and see whats gonna happen.Felipe massa is a cool driver and raikkonen is an aggressive driver wheres both the mclaren drivers are still theres a long way to go.hamilton is showing an awesome performance but alonso struggles with his pace.but ferraris seem to be lets wait and watch for the entire season and its going to be the best formula one season
15 Apr 07
driving - Ok it's not a Ferrari but ...
Sorry but young Lewis Hamilton kept the pressure on Massa the whole way through AND he kept Kimi at bay too. A very impressive performance from a very young man in his debit season. Australia - 3rd, Malaysia - 2nd, Bahrain - 2nd.
• India
15 Apr 07
Definitely Hamilton has looked very aggressive and really dominating. He is definitely posing a threat to both Kimi and Alonso. He is a great driver and the race at Bahrain is not going to be a walk in the park for either Kimi or Alonso.
@darkness01 (1303)
15 Apr 07
I dont think Ferrari dominated at all. Massa won but he was under pressure by Hamilton throughout the race. Raikkonen was unconvincing in his overall race pace and Alonso was strangely of the pace, losing out to Heidfeld and indeed finishing a lowly fifth place. Do i think Hamilton will be dominant - no. Hamilton may well win a race this season but he wont dominate the championship. The championship i believe will go to Raikkonen with Alonso very close behind. Hamilton is a very capable driver but i believe that he is a second driver for Mclaren and if Alonso drives to his best then he still has the beating of his rookie team mate.