ideal marriage

April 15, 2007 10:52am CST
Do you think ideal marrage exist?If u say yes,then what's your ideal marriage.In the family structure,man and woman i think should have a ideal role to play. what a father shoud do,is he should be the economic winners,shoud a mother still be a emotional care giver?
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• Philippines
3 Jul 08
I should say there is no such thing as perfect marriage, only a couple who makes their marriage work perfectly. Yet, badly and sadly no one has come to the point wherein they have reached the "utopia" of the perfect marriage. I couldn't think however what is it really when you meant by "perfect" marriage, but nevertheless, I should say that in a relationship there is give and take in every situation, there is no slave-master situation but both play a significant role in one's married life. We come to a generation whereby women are no longer seen as caregivers at home but a career woman who helped in the economic aspect of the family at the same time, the husband should also take part in the responsibilities at home, again, I should say for me, there is no such thing as perfect or ideal marriage. Happy mylotting to you!