When did you last had a haircut ?

@colega17 (312)
April 15, 2007 2:33pm CST
It is amazing how a new haircut could change your appearance . . . Do you feel more confident with your new improved look after getting a haircut ?
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• Philippines
18 Apr 07
i had my last haircut last week. i really like it and i'm confident about my new look.. other people say that it fits me. and it's much better than before.. I really liked it..
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@crizzy18 (37)
• Romania
18 Apr 07
As the matter of fact,I did recently had a haircut,and it made a very big difference,because I feel more confident aboutbthe way I look,and i enjoy life better...So,I think it is very important to have a haircut from time to time,in order to change something in your life and improve your appearence,and in the same time-your mood...
@kaperkitty (1097)
• Canada
15 Apr 07
I had my last hair cut last Tuesday and I can not tell you how much it perked me up. I had colored my hair darker for the winter and my end had turned almost black and I was looking awfully drawn out.NO matter how much makeup I worn the hair was dragging me down. I love my stylist but she is only in my city every four weeks so i was so glad when she called and said she was home. I went in and explained I needed something to brighten me up she quickly went to work adding a nice golden brown high light through my long dark brown hair. after the trim and my eye brows waxed. and finally got to look I felt transformed and I just loved it. Now I feel ready to face spring.. Cheryl
• Ireland
15 Apr 07
My last haircut was Valentines day. My boyfriend booked me in for one before we went out for a meal. It does make you feel great when you get your hair done. Feel like a new person.
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