@vanities (11409)
Davao, Philippines
April 15, 2007 8:01pm CST
when toddlers raging from 0 to one year oldis easy to play with since they were contented only on games that parents usually creates to make them laugh especially if they are not in a good mood or having thier tantrums...mine was usually try to gigle them try tickiling their soft points where i think they laugh upon doing so..sometimes i make my face grinch or just any emotions i will show thru my face in order for them to see and laugh..or play wiht their toys who had sounds of different animals which usually caught their attention about you what kind of activities do you engaged in your babies ?
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@fox123 (285)
• Philippines
9 May 07
I really dont have time playing with my children when they were still babies/toddlers..since when i arrived at home its late and they are sleeping already..but during sundays i make it to a point to play with them..
@camar_lyn (1028)
• Singapore
17 Apr 07
Singing with actions is top at the list for me. For example, when i sing incy wincy spider, i will use my fore finger and my middle finger to crawl up the baby starting from the toes. The climax is of course when the spider climbs up the spout again. That's when fingers will reach top of baby's head. Next is walk/stroll in the park. A great way to get fresh air and make new friends. Helps me burn off my fats by walking. Baby enjoys being pushed around in the stroller/pram. The sunshine and air is great compared to being cooped up in the room/house. Third is reading. One of their favaorite as i recall, was a book by Eric Carle - The very hungry caterpillar. I personally love the Eric Carle series. The drawings are fantastic and the vivid colors just appeals to the young ones. The boardbooks lasts forever! Of course there are many other activities but these are my top 3. Cheers! - Lyn
@gemini1960 (1161)
• Philippines
16 Apr 07
during my quality time with my children during that ages,,i usually gather my baby in my arms and kiss all over his body that he will laugh at it..and i made sounds that seems horrifying to him that he will cry but knowing it was me all along he laughs..