lefty's makin me fidget

oh no!!! - it really broke my heart when he left. 
i feel really insane and crazy. but now, now that he is single...
i just find myself out looking for him 
for what purpose baby?!
@123456_ (1052)
April 15, 2007 11:03pm CST
seein my ex breakup with her recent girlfriend.. our past was definitely a trauma. So deEp bUt it didN't evEn bLeEd So pAinFul buT i nEver LearNed tO sCreAm!!! i just found myself fidgetin' right now Why do I fidget?Was it because I am ready to pick up the lost chain? Or was it because I'm strong enough to take my revenge? Tell me Why do I fidget?
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@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
16 Apr 07
you are confuse whether you will pick him up again or not.i would suggest that you move on and don't you ever go back to him. there are a lot of choices out there it is only up to you whether you would want to or not to look for a better person but i would advise that be the right person first then the right person will be attracted to you and you don't have to look.
@123456_ (1052)
• Philippines
17 Apr 07
gee thanks. that comet gave me the willpower. oh wait... how can i bookmark you?! ges i'd just add u as a friend. its nice to back here at mylot.