cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms - they smell so good.
April 15, 2007 11:05pm CST
i like cherry blossoms a lot. they look sweet and smell sweet. i wonder if there's a fragrance line where they use cherry blossoms as their scents.
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• United States
12 Apr 16
No idea if there is a scent as light and sweet as an actual cherry blossom. I imagine the cherry tree's in Washington DC might be blooming or soon to bloom. Though it's been an awfully cold spring this year.
@myahw20 (1116)
• Canada
23 Apr 07
i love cherry blossoms as well. and i know that japan really has the most beautiful cheery blossoms..hehe.. there's some here in toronto but it doesn't look as pretty when there's a lot of it in one street ryt?
@lizeri (533)
• Philippines
22 Apr 07
I also like to see an actual cherry blossom tree. Actually, whenever I see this in any anime series, it looks fantastic, and it's so inspiring. As if, life is very wonderful.
• China
20 Apr 07
i have seen cherry blossoms in some places of China!
@japboy (572)
• Malaysia
16 Apr 07
i really like to see the cherry blossom live. But i've never had that chance. i've been to japan which there are a lot of cherry blossom to see. But the time i went there is not the right time the cherry blossom. I hope next time i'll has a chance to see it LIVE.
@mskzalameda (4036)
• Philippines
16 Apr 07
fallen cherry blossom - isn't it sweet?
I haven't seen a cherry blossom for we don't have it here in our country, Philippines but if ever i will have a chance to go to a place with cherry blossoms, maybe i will be very glad. I have only seen those in the Television and it is said that those are sweet smelling and also look sweet just like what you have said. I also know that the other name for it is "sakura". Yes, the name where the animated character card captor sakura came.