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April 15, 2007 11:49pm CST
I got a few questions: 1) I'm not getting why some online applications require you to put down your cellphone number. Gamestop does this, an it bugs me. It wouldn't usually be a problem, but I don't own a cellphone at the moment. 2) I'm afraid that they won't even look at my job application considering the fact that I really haven't had any jobs in the past. The only thing I've really done is take care of my aunt's pets. 3) What were your first jobs? How did you get it? I'm curious about your experiences with job interviews as well.
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• United States
16 Apr 07
I don't think putting your cell phone on your application is required. From experinence, the only thing they use it for is to get you if you don't answer your home number.Second, employers realize that everyone has to start somewhere, the fact hat you have no work experience just means you'll start at base pay, not that you won't get the job. Finally, I've worked many many places. Currently I'm in retail beofre that I worked in a a resteraunt(sp)etc.....Job interviews can be harrowing. My suggestion is to do some research about the place your applying for.Dress appropriately, be on time( if you can't call and explain why and reschedule).Know that the interviewer realizes you might be nervous.Fianlly more you go to the easier it becomes. Hope this helps.