im selling a system-software for PAWNSHOPS, pls help me get connnections...

@cardizon (223)
April 16, 2007 2:29am CST
it is an integrated, j2ee, web based system software. it is all you need. it has been tried and tested. it was made by a very competitive and brilliant computer scientist. pls respond by giving me information be it connections to pawnshop managers or owners. thanks so much.
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17 Apr 07
Hi Cardizon, What is the software exactly capable of how big is it and what are the minimum requirements to run it? Thanks in advance.
@cardizon (223)
• Philippines
19 Apr 07
hi jonasjayjay! here is a summary. if you still need some more info, feel free to ask. maybe i could send you a complete document. the system-software can: 1. pawn items entry 2. pawn module 3. redeem module 4. foreclose (expired) items schedule, outstanding 5. per day interest setting 6. advance interest setting 7. service charge setting 8. with multiple brach capabilities 9. with multiple owner capabilities 10.pullout modules 11. customer inquiry model 12. statistics and graphs 13. role-based security (encoder, manager, etc.) how big is it? 1. 16M binaries 2. database may grow to 1GB++ depending on the number of transactions minimun requrements: 1. server: 1GHz 512 mb 40 gb hardisk tomcat mysql java 2. client: web- browser (mozilla, etc.) ...setup/installation included, with printable reports, DEMONSTRATION available.