most defining feature of face??

@aissha (2036)
April 16, 2007 3:30am CST
okk this may sound lil crazy but i think in a face nose is the most defining feature not eyes ,change the nose and face will change completely ,do u hv opinion abt this??
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@feralwoman (2199)
• Australia
16 Apr 07
Hi Aissha. Certainly the nose is the most prominent part of the face and yes, change the nose and the face changes. I guess that's why so many people have nose jobs! I do think that the eyes also are a most important feature. You can tell a lot of things about a person just by looking into their eyes. You can tell if they like you and you can certainly tell if their lying to you LOL.
• India
16 Apr 07
yes i also think that ok i by wik and my makeup also they can change their look
• Netherlands
16 Apr 07
I'm not sure about it because not only nose but eyes, mouth will also change your face if you have them changed. Even an eye brows can makes a different too. Have you noticed how much you face will also change if you do something with your eye brows ???? So, one is connected to the other.
• India
16 Apr 07
I have an opinion (it may be a bit strange too) that each feature has its own definition for a face. So when you change any, the face as a whole will change.