suport local bands...i love the band orangefall

April 16, 2007 9:36am CST
i feel sorry sometimes for local bands... as i have seen soooooo many which are fantastic.. but yet they never seem to be 'discovered' or basically signed up... there is so much talented bands/singers out there whic hare still doing the pubs and clubs... and got the dignity not to go on talent programmes just to get famous... there is one band.... called orangefall you can see and hear them at they write all their own stuff ..produce their own cds....ok they might not be everyones cup of tea..... but they are brilliant at what they do as i say there as loads of bands like orangefall which are so talented.. but yet never get a break.... i think the record industry needs to go round the little back street pubs and clubs.... and not just look at how cute the singer is...etc.... and look for the true talent.. have you got any local bands that you think are awesome ?
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