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April 16, 2007 10:58am CST
Do you collect books? I do. I thought of this topic 'coz I'm moving to a new city soon. Packing is a bit of a challenge since I have a super mini library. While the number is not enough for what would qualify as a library, I think I have a lot for a small room. So I thought to myself, what if I could keep only five books? What would those books be? My picks: The Alchemist, Five People You Meet in Heaven, Who Moved My Cheese, Purpose-Driven Life and Screwtape Letters. Let me hear from you :)
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@Arkadus (896)
• Canada
19 Apr 07
Five? That's a little harsh but let's see. The Alchemist's Journal, Unfinished Tales, Dragons of a Vanished Moon, Don Quixote, Son of Avonar. The last one only because I just got all four books in it's series so I want to read at least one. I wouldn't get rid of my books though, ever. They mak need to be put in boxes and left there 90% of the time but I wouldn't get rid of them.
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• Philippines
17 Apr 07
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@emeraldisle (13139)
• United States
16 Apr 07
I have a lot of books as well. If I like them I keep them so that way I can reread them again when ever I want. Picking just five isn't easy. The first two are but after that I get stuck because I like too many of them. 1. Deeds of Paksenarion by Elizabeth Moon (it's 3 books bound in one actually :)) 2. The Donovan Legacy by Nora Roberts (also 3 books bound in one) From there I'm not sure what I'd pick. I'll have to think on it some more. If I could do series it might be easier :) But single books I'm not sure.
@dopey22girl (3324)
• United States
16 Apr 07
I collect books as well. I have a pretty good collection; not enough for a small room yet though, however I can see myself getting there. I can imagine packing wouldn't exactly be fun; the other day I was just thinking about how when I move out it is going to be a pain to have to pack up all my books. Sometimes I toy with the idea of when I'm older opening up my own mini-library. Lol I probably will never do it, but it's amusing to think about.
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@Lydia1901 (16353)
• United States
22 Apr 07
Well, those are nice collection of books. I don't collect books, but I'd like to read them.