Do you like to play pool ?

@andr3n (24)
April 16, 2007 11:48am CST
Do you play pool ? 8-ball, 9-ball or anything else ? Do you have a pool table at home ? I love to play pool. I play pool everyday. I use to play 8-ball but i also enjoy to play 9-ball. I am starting to particiape in pool competitions. How about you ? Are you a pool/billiard player ?
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@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
16 Apr 07
I like to play pool, although we don't have a table at home. eventually we would like to get one. i haven't played on a real table in awhile. i mostly play on they have all types of games but they have pool and they have 8 ball 9 ball and cutt throat. thats great that you are good enough to play in competition..i hope you do good :)
@andr3n (24)
• Portugal
16 Apr 07
You must have to play in a real table. If you like to play in the computer, you will love to play in the table. At the start it could be difficult, but practising makes the perfet =)
@xposin (12)
6 Sep 10
yes. i am a 4 time county 8 ball champion and have an entire room full of trophies and medals. winning never gets boring, if u need any help/tips just let me know and id be happy to help out.
@Hobbz05 (84)
• Canada
24 Apr 07
I haven't play much pool on the last year but for 3-4 years before that i used to spend most of my pay checks at pool halls but i did gamble a fair bit and to be 100 percent honest i've only ever lost once or twice playing for money. I used to play in a pool league and i placed 25th out of 140 people and that was at the age of 19! I'm talking about playing 8 ball, i do play 9 ball with my buddy aswell and some snooker once in awhile but my preference is to play 8 ball!