wc 2007

April 16, 2007 1:13pm CST
The sheen of this world cup has gone with the exit of teams like INDIA and Pakistan....what with the inconsistent performance of other top teams too...agreed that Bangladesh and Ireland have proved that they have it in them to perform at the highest level but then can an Ashraful ever fill a void of Sachin or a Mortaza f a Shoaib . Also the ppl watching the match on tv are disappointed when they observe empty stadiums and uninterested crowds. I think the love of the sport is over-rated in WI. With the repeated dominance of Australia in this WC we also need to have a hard look at the way game is plaued in other countries and need to incorporate their successful methods, although that has made the game a bit too mechanical. I think this world cup sud b a lesson for ICC that holding world cups in countries where the interest is waning can backfire at times.
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