Well I did it.

United States
April 16, 2007 3:42pm CST
I asked the local police to investigate the abuse that I suffered 5 years ago. The Sergeant balked at the idea, but then reconsidered. I think he will make a concerted effort to do a real investigation to my complaint. First he has to find the file, then I will have to make a formal complaint about being mistreated. I did this as a result of submitting my local wage taxes for the school district. After submiting my paperwork, I mentioned to one of the ladies in the office about what I went through and she suggested that I should take the matter up with the police chief. At first I was reluctant to the idea, but as I passed by the police station office when exiting the building I thought maybe I should give this another try. I talked with the secretary and then she had me speak with the Sergeant. I explained to him that I had mailed a letter of complaint to the police chief at that time and along with my complaint a confession letter written by my wife also accompanied the complaint of abuse. The confession explains that the 302 or form to have a person involuntarily committed was created by my mother and written by the crisis intervention worker and that my wife was forced to sign that document under coercion to prove that she loved me. I checked in on my house, and went for lunch. Then what do I see broadcast on the television? Mass murder on the Virginia Tech. Campus. What a day...
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