New Indie Label Opening soon in NC.

United States
April 16, 2007 4:28pm CST
Ive been in the music seen for a while and gone through the rigorous tasks of setting up shows dealing with managers setting payout. Its way too much for an artist to do on thier own while still keeping the drive they had for the art in the beginning. So i was thinking about starting an Indie Label of my own and covering more than music. Like film and other visual arts as well, because lets face it when it comes to proper exposure and distribution and music law weve all kind of been kept down in one way or another. So it comes down to I need advice. I really want to expand to all forms of art, but what i know best is sound. I can record,mix,and master better than some pros. So should i try to include all arts or should I just stick to what I know?
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