I appreciate you, husband

@delenep (212)
United States
April 16, 2007 5:00pm CST
My husband often tells me I don't appreciate him. He's the kind of guy who's verbal, while I'm the kind of gal who'll show her feelings through her actions. To me, giving up my career and being a stay at home mom, raising our son, not having a maid and doing everything myself (I was raised with maids), being his personal assistant, supporting him, etc etc all show that he's appreciated and sometimes he realises it, other times he doesn't. So, I will let u all know that I appreciate my husband (cos he'll come check out my posts later *grin*). I think he is the most wonderful, giving man on earth and a fabulous husband and father and yes, I appreciate him greatly, esp in the weekends when he takes over mommy duties and does EVERYTHING and just lets me chill!!!
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