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April 16, 2007 8:46pm CST
hey im a lvl 81 member and i wanted to know whether it would be worth it to get a great axe and a whip...i currently have a d2h a ddp and a d long but ive seen the g axe and whip in work and they both impress me...any thoughts?
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@bobbyjoe143 (1287)
17 Apr 07
great axe is good with the full set, but ultimately with repares it costs much more than the whip. it is very slow, and your resistance to mage is more or less in the minus in full dharoks lol. definately no good for pking in... the whip is fast, and you can hit pretty hard with it if you have a decent str lvl (i can hit 33-34 with 94 str). whips don't degrade, the only problem i have with the whip is that you can't train strength alone with it, you have to have it in controlled if you want any str exp! though that's not a big drawback lol!
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18 Apr 07
i say get the whip it doesnt breakdown like barrows armor. THough id rahther get an ancient staff to have acces to the ancienst magicks. GUll dharoks is needed for the great axes full ability too. Wrecthed strength wont svae you in the wild though as you need to have low hp for it too work.
19 Apr 07
Whip because it doesn`t break and it`s quite fast.
17 Apr 07
i have both wip and g axe ( have full dh). they are both good but i would recomend the wip because it is faster and you dont have to repair it whch can be costly. altough the g axe gives a better strength bonus t is kind of useless with out the full set.
@uath13 (8204)
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17 Apr 07
The special ability of the great axe comes when you ahve the whole set. You hit increasingly harder as you take damage. Without the armor to match it , its not too impressive. I wouldn't recomend it for pking either. If you let your hp get down so you hit harder and expect your prayer to protect you then you may find a dragon scimitar shutting your prayer off or a player switching weapon styles. Either will put you in hot water fast. The great axe also degrades and has to be repaired ( at a cost )every so often. The whips are pretty nice, I haven't seen a major drawback to them other than the fact that the store value of them is pretty low. Should you die with anything decent in your inventory your likely to lose your whip.