Eletronic Sports Evolution

April 16, 2007 9:52pm CST
Video games competition are now called Electronic Sports. Do you noticed the great evolution this has suffered all along these years? Players are now considered "professional" by competing on important leagues like CPL (Cyber Athelete Professional League) or major world events like the ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup) and compete for real money. And when I say real money, I mean it. The CPL awards over 40.000dollars to a team that wins for example, a Counter-Strike Tournament. Things have evolved so fast that big trademarks like Kappa or even Intel and AMD started supporting Professional Teams and sponsoring with money, gaming gear, servers to train and compete.. Some examples of big teams: SK-Gaming (one of the most known) : www.sk-gaming.com This team for example, has a private house for their players to train, has their own offices all around the world.. and all you have to do is play, receve money for playing (yes you get your salary per month) and win, having fun in a different kind of way. What do you think about this evolution? Do you think eSports will be considered a real sport, like footbal for example? Your friends or even family have any interest in competing with video games? Give opinions about this post. In every Country, major interviews are being made to people who play professionaly, and trying to make it a "bad" thing, like they always do... What is your opinioum about playing video-games professionaly?
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@kekectx (89)
• China
17 Apr 07
much information "professional" is a new live ,have stand or fall .
• Portugal
18 Apr 07
Didn't really understand your point...