Stress in life: How to conquer it?

April 17, 2007 12:01am CST
Unusual moments give us stress... more to that are the problems and challenges in the daily routine of our lives.. Stress makes us unique if we handle it properly... It is on the ego of our self or in other words it is self management.. Don't give up easily and relax all the time.. Being cool always.. Response guys on things we can perform stress management..
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@besthope44 (12135)
• India
5 Oct 10
Well true, stress causes attacks and most health problems, its highly dangerous and hence we should learn to manage stress.Most time, its my work..with ontime deliveries and work loads. I try to divert mind on music and i feel better. We need to manage stress, as it is part of life in busy world.But if we concentrate, we can manage it. I does it through my yoga, listening music and going out on vacation.
• China
19 Apr 07
My ways to reduce my stress level are as follows (not necessary in the order listed): Dancing, listening to music, hiking, skiing, skating, walking, eating (in moderation), drinking (in moderation), playing tennis, doing taiji on a regular basis, making love on a regular basis, gardening, socializing with friends, watching movies, having vacation on a regular basis, go to retreat once in a while, withdraw from people once in a while, taking a nap from time to time, sleeping (in moderation), PC gaming, reading books and articles, attending workshops and conferences, getting away from work site once in a while, taking long lunch hour break, having control over your own work schedule, talking in CD forum, taking pictures, swimimg, singing, shooting, writing etc...Gosh, I do wish I have enough time to do things to relax myself. I am getting so tense just to think what I do to reduce my stress level (just kidding).
• India
17 Apr 07
stress can help positively by compelling us to action. it can result in a new awareness and an exciting new perspective. As a negative influence, it is often observed to result in feelings of distrust, anger, and depression. these in turn lead to health problems such as headaches, upset stomach, insomnia, high blood pressure, etc. so adjusting to different circumstances, stress will help or hinder us depending on how we react to it. try to find activities that you love to do and that match your personality. If you love going outdoors, go hiking , biking, dancing, gardening, or skating which might be your passion. you can plug yourself in and listen to your favorite music, news or books-on-tape. Use personal muscle power for travelling like bike to school or to the store, walk to lunch or to your next class.
@AKRao24 (26938)
• India
17 Apr 07
Well ! I think stress experienced by different people vary greatly The stress experienced by me may be different than what you are experiencing right now! What I excatly mean to say is the resons behind experiencing the stress are different with different people! Stress experienced at the work place is different one and the stress experienced at the Domestic can be different one! I think we experience the stress because of two factors ! One is because of physical exertion, exhaustion or trauma. Here we can over come this type of stress by getting sufficient rest physically. But the next stress experienced is the mental stress! This is the stress which really needed to be analysed very carefully by ourselves before opting for any remedy or cure! I think as you have mentiuoned it is the egoism which makes our lives miserable! Because of this we feel our self esteem got damaged and we unnecessarily subject ourselves to unwanted stress! I personally feel stressed if I am subjected to do a work which I feel is not a proper one! Thst is working against ones will !tressed with such situations! There are several other reasons which may lead to mental stress , a volume can be written on this topic, but I think first and fore most thing to destress one self is to justv relax and analyse why you are stresses and what would be the genuine and possible solutions for the stress ! For me I talk with the concern person, even if he is my Boss at my work and try to coinvinse that I can't work against my will and I assure him the result at a work if I am given a free hand! And believe me it works wonders for both the parties! Yoga, Meditation, Systematic approach to the problem, relaxation and entertainment can relieve your stress to a greater extent! No doubt that stree is only felt by sensitive and sensible people and it is an excellent tool to self assessment and we should definitely use this tool in a positive way for our indivudual development! Thanks for the interesting topic! All the best!