Do you keep track of your earnings from GPT programs?

@VotreAmie (3037)
United States
April 17, 2007 1:21am CST
Yesterday I opened a word page where I noted the date I joined every program and I added my earnings for each one of them. I decided to cancel some of them that I thought were a waste of time. I also canceled some that are not paying anymore such as dayslook and dayseeking. Do you keep track of your earnings with your Get Paid programs regularly to decide which ones are worth keeping and which ones to cancel?
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• United States
17 Apr 07
I don't have but two accounts, mylot and dormcheck. I spend most of my time on mylot if not working my normal job. I think it will be more beneficial to you, if you were to concentrate your time and efforts in one or two places instead of with 10/15 different programs. Goodluck.
@coolmailraj (2461)
• India
17 Apr 07
Yes I do. Because you can not determine which one is really working and which one is not working if you don't keep track of earnings from such programs. But i have linked the sites (my pages) to an excel spreedsheet and now it is a lot easier for me to keep an eye on them.
@shakeroo (3990)
• Malaysia
18 Apr 07
I do not actually keep track of the earnings but I do keep track of the payments. I keep all the payment histories of each programs that I am active at. You can look at what I did under the Money Making entry (use the Money Making button) at to see what I have done.