how to attract a girl??????????????

like this... - are they true????????
@sonustar (328)
April 17, 2007 3:31am CST
hi friends thank you for posting here??? i am college goer see many girls every day... even losted my heart by seeing some beauties.... give me ideas or share your experiences.. what a girl needs from a boy... what satisfies her?? how we should be to them??? are every girls are true???
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• Pakistan
17 Apr 07
Girls are made for boys and boys are manufactured for girs. Every girl is seeking her best boy friend. Boy friend as much strong to protect her. Boy friend, sicere in every respect, The person who could provide a selter to a girl he could be upgraded from boyfriend to her husband or prtner of her life. If you want to share love with a girl then you should give her a gift. Take start by praising her beauty and prove yourself as good friend of her life. You will attract a girl, but you should also prove yourself sicere, her protctor and her shelter. When she will come to know that she is safe in your custody than she will come closer to closer to you and by this a day will come when you will become....You and she will become only for the dream of eachother.
• Malaysia
17 Apr 07 and my gf always discuss why is it so difficult to find a good bf. What are we looking for? Here's some input: 1. Guys who have clean face/hair (oily face/hair just made us go away) 2. Guys who have seld esteem, confidence and believe in themself. 3. Guys who are friendly, understanding and approachable. 4. Guys who are humours. 5. Even if he doesn't always has story to tell, at least he is someone who is willing to listen.
• China
17 Apr 07
Girls need your heart! Do what you want to do, don't pretend know while you don't know in fact!Just be yourself,if the girl like you,then she will like you.If not,she will never like you although you pretend very well.
@maumbi (2571)
• Indonesia
17 Apr 07
maybe all girl will agree with me the answer is : "be your self"!