Giving tips sucks

@delenep (212)
United States
April 17, 2007 4:22am CST
I hate going to a restaurant or the hairdresser and feeling obligated to to leave a tip. Being able to do those things (on a limited budget) puts then under thea heading of LUXURY for us and to have ot add a tip onto what I'm already spending just doesn't seem right or fare. Waiters and hairdressers are employed by the places they work at and should be given a salary and tips should be left at your discretion, not cos u have to or feel obligated to. Now there are times when I feel the service has been outstanding and have tipped people because I think they went the extra mile and earned it, but tipping cos u have to or cos it's expected? COME ON!!! Employers pay ur ppl and give us patrons a break. Ur making enuf out of us as it is!
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