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Faye @FayeHazel (23455) United States 21 Sep 16
Hi! My name is Faye and I like lots of awesome stuff. Also, I cannot eat popcorn without spilling. Nice to meet you.
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BernieZ @Berniezeitler (6909) United States 15 Aug 15
I am a recovering Compulsive Gambler, Author of several books and speaker on many different topics (but primarily addiction and recovery).
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Deborah K. Mitchell @Corbin5 (127020) United States 4 Feb 16
I am a lover of all things kids, books, and animals. I am a longtime vegetarian and a supporter of animal rights. I am a mom, daughter, sister, and wife.
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Ithink @Ithink (10492) United States 23 Jan 07
Mom of 8, Nana of 21. Simple life, love gardening, reading, playing pool and being outside when health lets me. Also homeschool.
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