suikoden characters

United States
April 17, 2007 5:21am CST
For all the suikoden fans out there.. You know that suikoden has many characters, it's about more than 108 characters in the game. Each has unique personality and speciality. I love Suikoden 2 and of course I like the main characters, jowi and nanami. Then Flik, viktor, pesmerga, cliff, hehe..maybe all of them. tell me what character do you like and why do you love them?
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• Indonesia
11 Mar 13
Best platform rpg ever! I love the first and the second series also suikoden iv and v. My favorite character is Ted and Riou. Does anybody knows when the sixth series will be released?
• United States
26 Aug 09
There are a ton of characters in the Suikoden series like you said there being 108 in each game be it the same characters or new characters there are a lot. Favorite character for is Kika from S4 and Tactics, who doesn't like a pirate girl who dual wields hehe. Valeria from S1 and S2 gotta love her and Kika's Falcon runes. Nash from his own series and S3 he went through a lot for being a side character in S3. Again there are just so many of them its hard to choose but these are my top favorites, but I do have a a lot and it would be hard to remember them all on the top of my head lol
• Philippines
19 Dec 07
yep! its really nice and its one of my favorites.. my favorite here is Jowy Atreides... he became an enemy but he's really cool.. fighting with the Black Sword Rune is really powerfull compared to the Shield Rune of the hero... Also, my favorite is Sasuke.. which reminds me of Naruto's rival... but what's really cool here is you can reveal a secret scene here and using a secret character named McDohl when you upload a finished game from the first episode of Suikoden...
@rhaizem (114)
• Philippines
17 Jun 07
i love victor cause his really strong even if he's not the politest person in the world, he does have a very strong sense of justice & honor to do good deeds... :D
• Philippines
28 Apr 07
I must agree, Suikoden 2 is really the best one out there. All the bishie characters gets my vote though XD, but Jowy is just too much so I think he's my best best pick. XD
@randy88 (685)
• Indonesia
25 Apr 07
I like suikoden II, it's the best of suikoden episodes..... I love hikaru, nanami, camus, viki, and jowi
@minxyuk (15)
19 Apr 07
never played it
• Portugal
17 Apr 07
Suikoden is a good game but not as popular as other R.P.G games. I remember start playing it but I really can't remember the name of the characters. I must say that I love this type of R.P.G. with a lot of characters. My favorite is Shining force for genesis. It is a great game.