Does the Gov't have enough Money??

@wenfri (1188)
April 17, 2007 7:02am CST
What is your opinion? Do you the government has enough money? I mean if and when we retire will gov't money left over to pay soem towards our retirement? I read somewhere that the baby boomers are going to have saved their own money to be able to retire What do you think? Wendy
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• Canada
21 Apr 07
The goverment does have enough money for most of the baby boomers to retire it is the oens that will follow the boomers that might not get any thing from the plan. The upside to it is that boomers are goign to be spending more and traveling more thus putting more money into the econmies which will help generate revenue for the goverment. Most of the boomers have a large amount of money the inherited form there family and will have that to spend or pass along to there children. Here in Canada the plan will have enough money init to continue to provide what it was intended to do.
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