Writing...job,dream or...

April 17, 2007 7:34am CST
..Ciao people of my Lot, here BRELUSTE dk. As many knows, I hope, I am a writer,since many years..better say since always.. In my life I did different kinds of work, that becouse for a while I was more "pratic and concrete"... Now I am full blast dedicate on it.. I know , sell scripts is not like sell apples, it take problaly a bit more then this, but this activity is a adventure, also becouse make you reach new atmosfhere, new persons, and experiences... I cannot call that a job..only if there is a pay..untill now I havenĀ“t..so.. Dream?..if a person write REALLY..cannot be a dream..but reality! Conclusion? I will never anymore become "concrete & pratic" agin..I love too much write, more I write, more i will write... Anyway I will live with that, and survive with that... Is totally true that the best activities a person can do it better is the activities that loves most to do.. That is why i took that decision, that is why I will never give up!... Ciao from BRELUSTE dk
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