Can you detect a lier?

United States
April 17, 2007 8:51am CST
1. Their eyes cast down when they lie. 2. They add too much. 3. Nervous laughter. 4. They feign ignorance about something you know they know. 5. They take charge of the conversation to distract/divert you. 6. They play on your friendship: asking you to just trust them. 7. You sense that something is off; any clue will do. 8. You find YOUR eyes squinting and your head angling several degrees. 9. When you ask for an explanation/clarification, there's a momentary gap while they conjure up something. 10. Explanations are given, that, while plausible, aren't good enough for YOU. So now you know, and no one can pull a lie on you. Was this info helpful to you? Do you ever believe someone when they are obviosly lying to you? I do when it is a close friend saying "Just trust me." Now I will know.
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